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Welcome to our Contact Us page, the gateway to nurturing connections with Heemskerk Flowers. We value the opportunity to engage with you and cater to your floral needs. Reach out to us, and together, we'll sow the seeds of a flourishing partnership.



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How can I become a client of Heemskerk Flowers?

Becoming a client is easy! Simply reach out to us through our Contact Us page, and our team will guide you through the process.

What products does Heemskerk Flowers offer in their webshop?

Our webshop offers a wide range of products, including cut flowers, house plants, leaf green, packaging materials (foil and wrapping paper), as well as various accessories and decoration materials.

Does Heemskerk Flowers offer sustainable products?

Yes, sustainability is a core value at Heemskerk Flowers. We offer a selection of flowers and plants that are grown in a sustainable manner. You can easily find and choose these products using our webshop filters.

How does Heemskerk Flowers ensure the quality of their products?

We take pride in maintaining the highest quality standards. Our products are carefully sourced from reputable growers, and our sophisticated transport system ensures that they are delivered fresh daily.

Can Heemskerk Flowers deliver internationally?

Yes, we have a sophisticated transport system that allows us to deliver to clients anywhere in the world. Our global reach ensures timely and efficient deliveries.

Does Heemskerk Flowers provide personalized assistance to clients?

Absolutely! Our team of specialists is dedicated to providing personalized attention and expert guidance. We take the time to understand your needs and offer tailored solutions to support your business.

How can I find more information about a specific product in the webshop?

When browsing our webshop, you can click on individual products to view detailed descriptions, images, and pricing information.

Does Heemskerk Flowers offer bulk discounts for wholesale purchases?

Yes, we offer competitive pricing for bulk purchases. For wholesale inquiries and special pricing, please contact our sales team through the Contact Us page.

Can I request a catalog of Heemskerk Flowers' products?

Currently, we primarily operate through our webshop. However, if you have specific inquiries or need assistance, our team will be happy to help.

How can I join Heemskerk Flowers' sustainability efforts as a grower?

If you are a grower cultivating flowers and plants sustainably, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always looking to partner with like-minded growers to expand our sustainable offerings.